Medical Dressings

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Medical dressings

Help keep your wound, injury, burn or pressure ulcer covered and protected with medical dressings. wound dressings come in many applications and sizes to provide you with a safe and sanitary healing environment. There are hydrogels to help you maintain a moist site if that is what your doctor recommended, and surgical sponges for additional absorption if needed. Choose your medical dressings from brands such as Medline, dynarex or DuoDERM.

Quicker healing

Using your doctor-recommended wound care supplies is important to fast healing. You may have a wound that requires hydration to help speed recovery. Other surgical sites or abrasions need to be protected with bandages that can absorb exudate and keep the wound dry and free of pathogens. There are even transparent medical dressings so you can see how healing is progressing or monitor your wound if necessary.

Overall patient care

If you're a caregiver helping a loved one recover at home, carries a range of products to help with your home medical needs. We carry scrubs and lab coats for professional uniforms and hospital gowns for patient comfort. We offer medical nutrition products, mobility and safety equipment, aids to daily living as well as personal care products including no rinse cleansers and skin protection creams. You'll also find medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes.