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Medical Id Bracelets

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Medical ID Bracelets

You never know when an emergency will happen. What if you were injured and couldn't tell the emergency personnel that you have a medical problem? At Walgreens, we offer a selection of medical ID bracelets that alert medical personnel in an emergency that you have a medical condition. By knowing you have a medical problem, you have a better chance of receiving appropriate treatment. Wearing a medical ID bracelet can give you added security and peace of mind wherever you might be.

Fashionable Medical ID Bracelets

These days, medical ID bracelets aren't just functional, they're fashionable too. Choose from ones with brightly colored bands in multiple colors and unique designs that coordinate with all your outfits. If you want a medical ID bracelet that also functions as jewelry, choose from ID bracelets made of colorful beads, including crystal ones, for a touch of all-day glamour. Brightly colored rubber or silicone bands, with or without added designs, fasten around your wrist with a stainless steel plate and buckle and stays securely in place wherever you go. All medical ID bracelets come with a metal plate you engrave with your pertinent medical information.

Traditional Bracelets

More traditional medical ID bracelets are also available. Plain silver varieties made of durable stainless steel offer many years of wear and can be quickly cleaned with a jeweler's cloth. Stainless steel also doesn't tarnish or turn colors with regular wear. In addition, stainless steel bracelets are available in soft, subtle colors like black, rose and gold-plated steel that look elegant, but not too flashy. For the ultimate in durability and lightweight comfort, choose from bracelets made with tough titanium threads.

Engraved Charms

What you don't want is for your medical ID bracelet to be missed. Make sure it's not overlooked with a pre-engraved stainless steel, medical ID bracelet charm. Each charm is engraved with the words "See Medical ID Necklace" so medical personnel will know to look for a medical bracelet. Simply hook the charm to your purse luggage or travel bag with the attached split ring and you have an extra level of protection.

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