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Medical Scooters For Broken Foot

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Medical scooters for broken foot

If a broken foot is keeping you from getting out and about, browse our selection of medical scooters for broken foot. These medical scooters can be both enjoyable and easy to ride. And with mobility scooters that are designed to fit tight spaces, you can go almost anywhere. You can choose from different sizes, seat types and colors. 4-wheel and 3-wheel medical scooters for broken foot from brands Shoprider and Drive Medical are here at

Check out all of the features available

Medical scooters have many features to choose from that can make getting around comfortable and practical. For comfort look for padded seat cushions, adjustable arm rests and curved tillers for knee room if you are tall. Functional features include weight of the scooter in case it will have to be lifted in and out of vehicles often. Also consider battery life, range per battery charge, and the durability of the tires.

Mobility equipment

If you have limited mobility, browse the variety of mobility equipment and aids to daily living.You can find braces and supports such as knee supports and ankle stabilizers. There is a selection of walkers and walker accessories to choose from, as well as canes in a variety of sizes, materials and designs. Rollators are similar to walkers, but feature larger wheels and hand brakes for safety. For the home, there are many bathroom safety options such as shower bars, as well as patient care equipment.

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