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Medical scrub jackets

To stay warm and comfortable on the job, add medical scrub jackets to your professional wardrobe. Medline and American Dawn make scrub jackets in various sizes, patterns and solid colors. These medical scrub jackets are a great way to keep important items nearby in multiple pockets as well as protect your clothing or scrub tops.

An essential medical clothing item

With snap front closures, nursing scrub jackets are easy to put on and take off. Available patterns include pandas, baby footprints and forest flowers. Solid colors such as navy, purple or blue are also here at Walgreens.com. Sizes range from medium to XX-large.

Add to your wardrobe

Medical scrub jackets are not the only type of medical clothing we carry. Browse scrub pants, tops and entire scrubs uniforms. You'll find white lab coats in different lengths, as well as unisex scrub pants and scrub tops. There is a variety of colors, sizes and styles of medical uniforms available.