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Medical Scrub Tops

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Medical scrub tops

Throughout your work day, you can stay comfortable in medical scrub tops. Choose a stand-out color or go with basic blue or green scrub tops. At, we carry unisex scrub tops as well as those just for ladies, which feature a more custom fit. Different sizes of durable, reversible scrub tops are available from brands such as Medline Scrubs and American Dawn.

Professional and comfortable

Beyond basic medical scrub tops, women's options include printed scrub tops. These uniform scrub tops feature patterns with angels, baby feet, birds and other designs. For your comfort or modesty, they generally have expandable necklines. For men and women, most tops have one breast pocket, and ladies' scrub jackets are often made with two pockets in front.

The rest of your uniform

In addition to medical scrub tops, look for coordinating or matching scrub pants in your size. Like scrub tops, these can be fitted for ladies or unisex. Different colored drawstrings makes them easy to identify and comfortable to wear. Choose a pair that will be durable and reliable day-in and day-out.

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