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Medical stockings

If you're recovering from surgery or managing a condition such as diabetes, medical stockings can be an important part of your treatment. Medical socks usually offer mild compression to improve your circulation, which can be important after certain surgeries. Diabetic socks are designed with materials that keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable. Browse medical stockings from brands such as Medicool, Futuro and Extra Wide here at Walgreens.com.

Diabetic stockings

If you're managing diabetes, it's important to take good care of your feet to avoid complications. Diabetes socks come in a range of sizes and styles and look just like regular socks. The significant difference is that these medical stockings are designed so that their stitching and seams won't cause irritation. Diabetic socks are also often made with anti-microbial fabric to guard against bacteria and fungus.

Compression and support stockings

Compression hosiery comes in a number of lengths. There are below the knee, knee high and thigh high support stockings available. Women also have the option of full support pantyhose. After you've found your doctor-recommended length and level of compression, you can choose the color and style you prefer. There are compression stockings in athletic, dress and casual styles to fit your lifestyle.