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Medicated Powder

When you have irritated or itchy skin, medicated powders may help provide soothing, non-prescription relief. At Walgreens, we offer a full line of medicated powders from extra-strength formulations for tough itch to products gentle enough for a baby's delicate skin. If you spend time outdoors or have sensitive skin, keep some on hand for sunburn, insect bites and in order to calm the itch of skin allergies.

Zinc Oxide and Menthol

Medicated powders formulated with zinc and menthol deliver cooling relief to itchy, painful or irritated skin. Zinc oxide is a common ingredient in products used to treat diaper rash. It forms an invisible barrier over the skin to protect it from irritation. Menthol relieves itching by masking the sensation of pain and itch. It also has a cooling sensation when you apply it to your skin. Zinc oxide and menthol is a combination many doctors and pharmacists recommend for relief of sunburn, insect bites and itching due to exposure to allergens and other skin irritants. It's gentle enough to use several times a day.

Extra Relief

In medicated powders, zinc oxide and menthol may be combined with essential oils that soothe irritated skin. Medicated powders formulated with these ingredients are available in an extra-strength form to ease tough skin discomfort and annoying itching. These are ideal for when you need maximum cooling and relief from itch.

Help for Poison Oak and Poison Ivy

Exposure to poison oak, poison ivy or other plants when you're in the great outdoors can trigger intense irritation and itching. Medicated powders for itching combined with deodorant protection helps keep you cool and comfortable indoors and out. These products combine the absorbency of a powder with the anti-itch power of zinc. Reach for one of these powders when you need to feel cool and itch free. Don't forget to keep some on hand if you work or play outdoors.

Medicated Powders for Children

Children can enjoy the benefits of medicated baby powders made just for them. With ingredients like zinc oxide and ingredients that soak up excess moisture, your child can feel dry and comfortable for hours. Children's medicated powders with zinc oxide are ideal for babies prone towards diaper rash. By coating and protecting a baby's delicate skin, these powders help reduce the risk of diaper rash. They're generally considered safe to use each time you change a child's diapers but consult with your pediatrician before using them. Always follow the directions and avoid using medicated baby powder around a child's face or eyes.

Medicated Foot Powders

Itchy, irritated feet need relief too. Medicated foot powders with menthol can help soothe minor foot irritation and itching while keeping your feet dry and refreshed. These foot powders offer odor protection so you can feel more confident when you take off your shoes. Apply these powders to dry feet after a shower and reach for them any time your feet need freshening up.