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Men's Cologne Gift Sets

Finding just the right present for a man in your life has never been simpler. The choices for cologne gift sets make it easy and fun. Whether it's a holiday gift, a birthday present, anniversary, for someone headed off on their life's adventure or as a thank-you token, a boxed set of men's cologne is always a great choice. The best part is that you can personalize your gift by choosing the scent that's just right for the person you want to treat to something special: a spicy, masculine cologne for a husband or boyfriend, a woodsy scent for a father or brother or a sophisticated one for a friend or business partner. The range of prices makes your selection as budget-easy or an extra-special indulgence as you want to make it.

Designer Fragrances

All the great designers offer gift sets of their finest, most famous fragrances. From the men's classics -- Halston, Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent -- to the women's choices -- Liz Claiborne and Elizabeth Taylor -- the great designers of the world present their best cologne selections.

Even outside the traditional design world, other established brands offer their own approaches to men's colognes: Alfred Dunhill, Cuba Classics, Mont Blanc, Adidas and Stetson profile the scents that match a man's life and interests. Browse through the selection of world-famous brand names and choose the scents that you think would best match the person you have in mind. Select their current favorites or dare them to try something new and exciting!

More than Just Cologne

Each cologne gift set offers something different and special. Some designers offer variations on a single theme of their signature scent, such as workday, casual and romantic. Others present a variety set of different scents in their lineup, so a man can have the luxury of experimenting with different styles. Man does not live with cologne alone, either. Consider gift sets that include cologne, eau de toilette spray and scented grooming products, such as shower gel and deodorant spray. Some sets even include travel bags for the man on the go.