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Mentos Candy

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Mentos Candy

If you're looking to freshen your breath with a minty treat or tantalize your taste buds with cool refreshment, there's nothing quite like Mentos candy to satisfy your craving. Mentos candy is a very popular snack, and the collection of Mentos treats includes a variety of products with something to suit every taste. At Walgreens, we have a wide assortment of Mentos candies available, so that you can stock up on your favorite varieties with ease.

A Favorite Treat For Over 80 Years

Mentos was invented back in 1932. It was on a train ride from the Netherlands to Poland that a pair of brothers named Michael and Pierre van Melle got a unique idea for a new candy that was soft like a caramel but refreshing like a mint. Their new candy quickly became popular in Europe, and in 1960, Mentos introduced a new roll packaging that set their candies apart from others on the market. By 1975, Mentos had established a sales office in the United States and love of the candy had spread around the world. Today, Mentos remains just as popular with new varieties appearing on the market all the time.

Classic Mentos Candies

The traditional Mentos candy is still available today and is a unique alternative to traditional breath mints. Chewy and soft, Mentos freshen breath while satisfying the urge for sweet candy. The candies are made with natural flavors and come in a wide variety of options. You can purchase rolls of the chewy mints individually or in value packs of several rolls in one flavor. Variety packs that combine several of the Mentos flavors into one convenient package are also available.

Other Varieties of Mentos

Over the years, the Mentos candies collection has expanded to include new types of products. Mentos offers a line of hard breath mints, which are sugar free and low in calories. For those who prefer gum to mints and candies, Mentos offers two options: traditional sugar chewing gum that is a sweet treat and sugar free chewing gum that satisfies cravings while protecting the teeth from sugar. Both types of gum are sold in different flavors and in packages in a variety of sizes.

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