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Michael Jackson Costumes

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Michael Jackson Costumes

Celebrate the King of Pop by transforming into him for your next costume party or Halloween gathering. Michael Jackson Costumes are a creative choice for children and adults of all ages. Best of all, every Michael Jackson Costume can be a little different, thanks to the legendary singer's changing looks throughout his career. Whether you want to celebrate Jackson's younger days when he was a part of the Jackson 5 or commemorate the 1980s when his solo career skyrocketed, you can find fun and festive costume choices here at Walgreens.

Costume Features

Michael Jackson Costumes celebrate some of the performer's best looks over the years. These costumes come with King of Pop essentials, which you can pair with items out of your closet or additional accessories for a complete costume. First, slip into an all-black ensemble that includes a polyester black jacket with buckles and chains. Alternatively, you can opt for a faux red leather jacket similar to the one Jackson wore in his iconic "Thriller" music video. This zippered jacket features black shoulders and gold zippers on the chest and arms.

King of Pop Accessories

Combining these classic Michael Jackson pieces with accessories can complete your costume tribute to the King of Pop. First, add a touch of sparkle to your costume by investing in a silver sequined glove, one of Jackson's most famous looks. This single glove will pair well with your Michael Jackson style jacket. Pick up a pair of coordinating silver sequined socks, which can complete your costume all the way down to your feet. You can purchase a black fedora as well, which you can pair atop your natural hair or a Jackson-esque wig.

For a complete Michael Jackson costume, grab an accessories set that can transform you into the King of Pop with one purchase. You'll receive a black curly wig that is similar to Jackson's 1980s hairstyle, along with a pair of black aviator sunglasses, a black fedora, and that iconic silver sequined glove. The only thing that isn't included is the Moonwalk -- you'll have to figure that one out on your own.

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