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Milky Way Candy

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Milky Way candy

Generations of Americans have enjoyed Milky Way candy in the form of the traditional milk chocolate Milky Way bar. Today, a new dark chocolate bar and different sizes of the familiar milk chocolate bar present new ways to enjoy Milky Way candy.

Chocolate candy bars from Milky Way

Milky Way candy available for shipment directly to you includes the famous, traditional 2.05-ounce milk chocolate Milky Way bar that is perfect for a quick snack at home or on the go. It is joined by a newer dark chocolate bar called Milky Way Midnight that combines the traditional nougat and caramel of Milky Way candy with a delicious dark chocolate coating. The Milky Way Midnight is also a perfect size for a satisfying snack. Regular milk chocolate bars from Milky Way are now also available in packages of eight small bars that are great for children or to enjoy as a bite-sized snack. Fans of bite-sized snack foods will also love the smaller Fun Size Milky Way candy bars and the Milky Way minis, both of which are available in convenient family-size bags. You can also reward yourself with a big Milky Way treat by enjoying the 2 to Go King Size Milky Way bar, a package of two regular-sized bars that you can split with someone you care about.

Ordering Milky Way candy

When you order chocolate candy for your family, make sure to include a sufficient supply of Milky Way candy in your order. The small milk chocolate bars are convenient to include in your child's lunch box or to keep in your bag or drawer for a quick snack, and the larger chocolate bars can be enjoyed after meals.

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