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Mini Curling Iron

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Mini Curling Irons

Whether your hair is poker straight or naturally full of delicate waves, a curling iron can help you shape your tresses into gorgeous curls for everyday wear or a special occasion. If a full-size curling iron just isn't right for your needs, Walgreens can help you find the perfect compact alternative with a selection of mini curling irons from top brands like Conair.

Compact Curling Irons to Meet Your Needs

A curling iron is a thermal styling tool that is used to create waves and curls in the hair. Traditional curling irons consist of a long handle attached to a barrel that gets hot when the appliance is turned on. Mini curling irons offer the same styling benefits as traditional curling irons but are smaller in size. Typically, both the handle and the barrel of a mini model is shorter than that of a standard curling iron. Mini curling irons are designed primarily for use while on the go. They can be easily packed in a suitcase for traveling or in a gym bag or purse for use at the office or after working out at the gym. Some people may also prefer to purchase mini curling irons if they have limited storage or counter space at home.

Different Barrels for Different Styling Concerns

Mini curling irons come with different types of barrels that give them certain benefits. Barrels made out of aluminum and similar metals are durable, inexpensive options, while barrels made out of ceramic materials help to reduce frizz and promote a healthy shine while curling. The diameter sizes of the barrels included in mini curling iron designs can also differ from one another. Wider barrels are ideal for styling longer hair and will produce looser curls and waves for medium to short tresses.

Other Features of Mini Curling Irons

Manufacturers may add a number of special features to mini curling irons to make them easier to use. Some models are cordless designs and run either on batteries or on a fuel like butane. These types of mini curling irons can be used anywhere without requiring you to look for an electrical outlet to power them. You can also find mini curling irons that come with travel cases to protect and store them when you're on the go.

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