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Mini Exercise Bikes

Getting regular exercise can help you get into shape, lose weight and improve your heart health. Exercise doesn't have to happen at a gym or even require you to step outside your front door. Today, you can purchase a wide variety of exercise equipment and machines to use at home as a part of your fitness routine. If you prefer to cycle, a mini exercise bike from Walgreens can help you to get active while engaging in an activity that you enjoy.

The Benefits of Mini Exercise Bikes

Cycling on an exercise bike provides many health benefits. When you pedal on a stationary bike, you not only get cardiovascular exercise, but you can also build strength in your lower body. Exercise bikes allow you to control your level of exertion, so that you can increase the difficulty of your workouts as your fitness level increases.

Using a stationary bike can help provide a low-impact workout that's considered safe for many people. It's generally considered easy to learn how to use this type of fitness equipment. Since you can choose your level of resistance, an exercise bike can be ideal for various fitness levels. Mini exercise bikes are especially popular options. This is because their reduced size makes them easy to fit into a small space in a home.

Upright vs Recumbent Bike

Traditional mini exercise bikes have a seat and pedals mounted on a frame. There are two main types available: upright and recumbent.

With an upright bike, you sit on a small seat with your legs beneath you in a position identical to that of riding an actual bicycle.

A recumbent bike features a larger seat with a back support with pedals positioned in front of you rather than below you. People with back or groin pain may prefer a recumbent mini exercise bike. Those who want the experience to be as close to biking as possible typically prefer upright models.

Your doctor can help you decide which type is right for you if you're uncertain.

What Is a Pedal Exerciser?

Pedal Exercisers are alternatives to traditional exercise bikes. A pedal exerciser only includes a pair of pedals attached to a base, giving you the freedom to sit in any type of seat that you choose. Many people prefer pedal exercisers because they are very small in size and can be stored in an out-of-the-way location when not in use.