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Mini SD Cards

Technological innovation constantly leads to new developments in consumer electronics--many of which conveniently make products smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Portable memory has undergone some major advancements over the last couple decades, allowing users of portable electronics to store more files on their devices. SD cards have been embraced by most major manufacturers as a convenient means of file storage, and mini SD cards are even smaller than the standard variety. Here at Walgreens, you can find mini SD cards from brands like Duracell and SanDisk that can interface seamlessly with your electronics.

What is SD Memory?

Easily one of the most popular portable memory mediums, SD is short for Secure Digital. These memory cards can be used in devices like mobile phones, cameras, tablet computers, and GPS systems. A form of solid-state storage, one major advantage to SD memory is the fact that the cards don't contain any moving parts--which makes