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Mitchum Deodorant

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Mitchum Deodorant

To keep yourself smelling fresh--and therefore confident enough to get the day's work done--check out the selection of Mitchum Deodorant products for both men and women here at Walgreens.

The Mitchum Inventory: Antiperspirants and Deodorants

The Mitchum line includes numerous formulas of odor- and sweat-fighting solutions, but all combine deodorant and antiperspirant properties into a single package.

What does this mean? Antiperspirants cut down on sweat, while deodorants protect against odor-causing bacteria that thrive on perspiration. An antiperspirant alone, therefore, doesn't directly counteract odor, and a deodorant by itself won't reduce sweating.

The Mitchum approach weaves antiperspirant and deodorant action together for comprehensive and long-lasting control of both sweat and body odor. Among the hallmarks of the brand are its use of pure oxygen to ward against odor and the 48-hour wetness protection its products provide.

This could be just what you need for the morning jog or the daylong stress of the office!

Plenty of Choices

The Mitchum Deodorant selection includes a plethora of different products, giving you the chance to choose an antiperspirant/deodorant formula that's exactly suited to your needs. The offerings include Mitchum Clinical soft-solid, gel, stick, and roll-on formulas. You can also choose between scented and unscented varieties.

Which kind you select depends on personal preference and the degree to which you're troubled by excessive sweat and odor. The Mitchum Clinical formula is the most advanced. It is designed to release more pure oxygen than other products as your body temperature increases, thereby staying one step ahead of both wetness and odor.

All of the different Mitchum Deodorant styles come in specific forms for both men and women. These antiperspirant/deodorants dry quickly so you're not left with a flaky or sticky residue. The alcohol-free formulations are designed to be gentle and minimize irritation.

With the powerfully effective oxygen-based formula, you can enjoy 48 hours of wetness and odor protection--an enduring antiperspirant/deodorant effect that allows you to get on with your day instead of constantly reapplying.

Stay Dry and Fresh With Mitchum

Heavy perspiration and body odor are related issues that nonetheless have their own distinct unpleasantness. Take square aim at both with Mitchum Deodorants, which take control of sweat and odor for long-lasting relief.

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