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Mitchum For Women

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Mitchum for women

Mitchum got its start making deodorant for men, but the Mitchum for Women line introduced new deodorants for women. These deodorants are effective at handling the stressful situations that you face daily.

Gel deodorants

When you want a deodorant that will not leave a white residue or powdery residue on your clothing, you want a product like a deodorant gel. The Mitchum for Women gel deodorants have a thick deodorant that almost resembles hair gel. When you apply the gel to your skin, it provides a thin layer of gel that sticks to your skin. The gel blocks your sweat glands. As you sweat, the sweat reacts to the gel and releases the fragrance of the antiperspirant. The scents include a version that smells like you just stepped out of the shower and scents that smell like baby powder.

Solid deodorants

Solid deodorants have a bad reputation for leaving behind residue or white marks. The Mitchum for Women line introduced a solid deodorant that acts like a gel deodorant. The invisible solid line keeps your body from smelling sweaty by covering your sweat glands. The deodorant looks white in the tube and when you apply it. It quickly dries clear, which keeps the deodorant from rubbing off on your clothes. Mitchum also makes a roll-on variety for those that want more control over their deodorant. The company even makes a clinical protection deodorant for women who sweat more.

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