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Mobility Scooter

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Mobility Scooter offers several mobility scooters from well-known scooter manufacturers like Pride, and Shoprider. There are several different varieties of scooters from two-wheel power-assisted bicycles to three- and four-wheel traditional scooters. These different types of scooters also vary in weight and size to aid in mobility and scooter storage. When choosing a mobility scooter, remember that different designs excel in different arenas.

Three-Wheel Scooters

We have several different types of three-wheel scooters from many different manufacturers. The three-wheel scooters excel in turning radius as they typically have a smaller nose, allowing them to turn quickly, accurately and steadily. Some of these medical scooters also fold for easy transportation and also feature swivel seats to make them easier to get onto and off of.

Four-Wheel Scooters

Four-wheel scooters offer even more stability than the three-wheel variety. Some have flip-up arms for easy use and can also fold down for easy transport. Some, even offer headlights and other features to make them truly top-of-the-line.

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