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Moisturizing Body Wash

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Moisturizing body wash

Treat your skin right every time you take a shower with a comprehensive moisturizing body wash. Our body washes provide a simple, effective way to replenish your skin's moisture, making you feel clean and soft from head to toe.

Choosing a body moisturizer

Whether you are seeking the most basic, effective skincare or a little luxury, we have a moisturizing body wash that will meet your expectations. Our body washes come in a variety of scents, from light and clean smells to exotic fragrances that double as aromatherapy every time you take a shower. Conditioning body wash will leave your skin feeling softer to the touch, and provide extra firmness. For sensitive skin, choose a moisturizing body wash that has been tested by dermatologists and promises a gentle yet effective cleansing formula. For extra moisturizing, no-rinse body wash lets you leave the wash on your skin and enjoy gently pampered skin all day long.

Benefits of body wash

A comprehensive moisturizing body wash will restore your skin's softnes, combat dryness and roughness, and provide effective cleansing. Our body washes will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed throughout the day, long after your shower is over. Body moisturizers contain a range of emollients and other nourishing, moisturizing ingredients, including essential oils, jojoba, mineral blends and shea butter. When you select a moisturizing body wash that works for your needs, your morning or evening shower routine will include effortless pampering and effective skincare.

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