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Monthly Contacts

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having excellent vision without the hassles of wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses can help you reach your goal. There are many types of contacts on the market today, and one of the most popular varieties prescribed by doctors is the monthly contact. These soft contact lenses are worn for just 30 days and then are thrown away. The contacts are sold in packs that contain multiple lenses, giving you extra lenses for monthly replacements or to use if a lens becomes unexpectedly lost or damaged before the month's end. Because monthly contacts are thrown away after just one month, they do not become as built up with proteins and other impurities, so they require less intensive cleaning. As a result, many people find monthly contacts more convenient and appreciate the cost savings that comes with purchasing fewer cleaning supplies. Keep in mind that only an eye doctor can prescribe monthly disposable contact lenses to ensure that they fit properly and are the best solution for your needs. Talk to your eye doctor about whether or not monthly contacts are ideal for you.

Monthly Contacts Delivered to Your Door

Walgreens makes getting the monthly contacts you need in order to see your best as easy as possible. Whether you are purchasing monthly disposable lenses for the first time or looking for a refill on your lenses, you'll find shopping the contact lens department easy. Just find your contact lens type and enter the information from your prescription onto the order page. Complete your purchase and get a great low price on your lenses. Then, fax your prescription to Walgreens for lightning fast service or wait for the Walgreens team to call your eye doctor and confirm your prescription. Your contact lenses will be delivered to your home, so that you'll have a fresh box ready to go at the end of the month. In addition to contact lenses, Walgreens carries all of the essentials for daily contact lens care, including daily cleaners, rewetting drops and saline. Stock up on all of your supplies and enjoy the convenience and savings that come from shopping the Walgreen contact lens department online.