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Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

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Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

The benefits of wearing soft contact lenses instead of glasses are numerable. Not only do the lenses save you from the hassle of cleaning eyeglasses on a daily basis, but because they sit against your eye, they also provide full, clear vision with a good view in any direction. Monthly disposable contact lenses are one of the most popular types of soft lenses because they offer many additional benefits that daily continuous wear contacts simply do not. If you lose or tear a contact, your box of monthly lenses will mean that you have a replacement at the ready. Monthly soft contacts typically do not require you to use deep cleaning products like enzymatic cleaners because they are thrown away before they can accumulate protein and debris. Although monthly disposable contact lenses tend to cost more than their continuous wear counterparts, the savings in cleaning supplies may offset the cost, and when you purchase your monthly disposable contact lenses from Walgreens, you'll get great deals that make getting the convenience of monthly throwaway lenses as affordable as possible.

Ordering Disposable Soft Contact Lenses the Easy Way

Walgreens carries disposable monthly lenses from all of the best brands on the market today, making it easy to find the type that your eye doctor has prescribed. When it comes time to place your first order or reorder for your lenses, simply use your prescription from your eye doctor to enter in the information on the order page. This will ensure that your contact lenses are a perfect fit. Once you complete your order, Walgreens will call your eye doctor to check your prescription and then ship your lenses to your home. Need your contact lenses faster? You can save time by faxing your prescription to Walgreens. Just be sure your prescription is less than 1 year old, so that it can be accepted by the Walgreens team. If you do not have a current prescription for your disposable monthly contact lenses, see your eye doctor. Start shopping the contact lens department at Walgreens, where prices for monthly disposables are inexpensive every day, and you get the benefit of fast home delivery.

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