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Moses Costume

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Moses Costume

Dressing up as historic people can be a great choice for Halloween or a costume party, particularly when the person whom you choose to portray is easily recognizable. Moses is one historical person who many people can identify with ease, making Moses costumes popular among people of all ages. If you're looking for a Moses costume, we have styles available to suit every occasion here at Walgreens.

Authentic Moses Costumes for All Occasions

A Moses costume is designed to transform the wearer into the man told about in the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah and the Islamic Quran. Often times, places of worship hold pageants and performances that include depictions of the character, and Moses costumes are ideal for use in these presentations. Most Moses costumes consist of a tunic type garment. They may also include a prop that is associated with the man, such as the stone tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written. The tunic garment found in Moses costumes can also be used to portray other characters from ancient times, making them versatile.

Finishing Off a Moses Costume

Each Moses costume is sold with a set number of pieces. Accessories like sandal shoes, wigs and facial hair may be included in some costume sets but not in others. You'll want to read the product descriptions to find out what specific pieces are included in the Moses costumes and what you'll need to purchase to complete your look. Walgreens has a number of accessories that can be used to put the perfect finishing touch on a Moses costume.

How to Choose the Right Size

Moses costumes are typically made for adults or for children. Within these two major categories of costumes, the styles are typically broken up into additional sizes. Often, sizing runs according to a child or adult's clothing size. While a Moses costume is designed to be loose fitting, it is still important that the costume fit properly, as something that is too baggy or long could pose a safety hazard. You can find out more details about the sizing of the Moses costumes by reading the product descriptions featured here at Walgreens.

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