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Motorized Lift Chairs

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Motorized lift chairs

Enjoy the comfort of easy standing and sitting with motorized lift chairs. Motorized lift chairs ease the strain of sitting down or getting up from a chair. Motorized lift chairs are available in styles that will complement the decor of any home, so they are a sensible, elegant, and comfortable solution to your mobility and home care needs.

Multiple position recliners

Motorized lift chairs can be found in a variety of position options. Three-position recliners allow for reclining, sitting in a normal position, and being boosted into a standing position in easy comfort. Two-position recliners are convenient for sitting and standing with ease, but do not offer an option to recline fully. Infinite-position recliners can be manipulated into a full range of sitting, reclining, and boosting positions, because different parts of these chairs move independently. All of these chairs are conveniently controlled with a small console that is attached to the chair and rests in the user's lap.

Lift chair styles

Motorized lift chairs are available in a wide range of styles and types of upholstery, so it is easy to find a model that complements your existing furniture. Leather lift chairs are a good choice to match leather living room sets, or if you want a chair that will withstand stains and wear for many years. Leather-coverd chairs can be cleaned with leather cleaning solution, and leather upholstery will not absorb odor. Textured fabric is another popular and easy-to-maintain upholstery option for motorized lift chairs. Fabric upholstery for motorized lift chairs is offered in a particularly wide range of colors and textures. You can keep upholstered chairs clean with periodic vacuuming.

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