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While brushing and flossing offer a good start for your oral health care routine, you don't need to stop there. The inclusion of mouth rinses boosts your oral care routine to the next level, by providing an additional level of protection for your teeth and gums. In fact, it is important to realize that mouth rinses are designed to do more than hide bad breath. They are gentle enough to use every day. In addition to everyday oral care solutions, today's rinse products include a wide variety of formulations offering an array of important capabilities. Some of these benefits include the ability to freshen up breath, strengthen enamel, kill germs, whiten teeth, reduce plaque, prevent tartar, and heal soft tissues that have been afflicted with cuts, sores, or ulcers. Not only are there formulas for adults, but they have also been created for children, using flavors that are more likely to appeal to younger taste buds. Using mouth rinses regularly can extend the longevity of the teeth, gums, and smile, while promoting better oral health.

How to choose a mouth rinse

How do you know which mouth rinse to choose? For the best results, you should select a mouth rinse with the ADA seal, which means that the product has been evaluated by a group of independent scientists for its effectiveness and the safety in using it regularly. Next, choose a mouth rinse that has been designed for the issues that you are dealing with at the time. Daily and all-purpose mouth rinses are intended to restore a healthy balance to the mouth and are the most basic formulas that you will find. Anti-bacterial rinses featuring astringents are meant to help hide odors occurring with bad breath as well as anti-microbial agents that minimize the plaque that can lead to gum disease and cavities. Anti-cavity rinses make use of fluoride that helps to make the tooth's enamel stronger, protecting it against the development of dental decay. You can also find mouth rinses that ease the discomfort of ulcers and mouth sores, mitigate the uncomfortable issues associated with dry mouth, and whiten yellowed or stained teeth enamel.

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