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MP3 players

MP3 players make it easy to take your favorite music, videos and photos on the road. The newest devices come with additional features, including a touchscreen that lets you quickly find the right file. Choosing a music player is sometimes tricky because many manufacturers make these devices. Walgreens carries MP3 players from brands like Coby and Eclipse.

Choosing a music player

The first thing you should look for when choosing between brands is the type of files that the device plays. Some multimedia players play music and videos, but you can also find devices that only play music. Size is another thing to consider because some manufacturers make larger devices designed for watching movies and other videos. These devices act like MP3 players, but the devices also play CDs and other types of discs. The 9-inch screen found on many devices is much larger than the 2.8-inch screen found on smaller MP3 players. You should also choose between a touchscreen player or a traditional music player with push buttons.

Optional accessories

Adding a few accessories is a simple way to invest in your new music player. Accessories for MP3 players include charges, holders and hands free device. A hands free device lets you listen to music without keeping one hand on the player. MP3 holders are another way to carry your music player around with you. You can also find MP3 chargers that let you charge your MP3 players in the car with the cigarette lighter near your dash. These chargers do not work with all brands because some MP3 players still rely on replaceable batteries.

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