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Muscle Milk

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Muscle Milk

Are you getting enough protein? Muscle Milk protein supplements supply essential macronutrients for active people, including a blend of proteins and some healthy fats. These delicious protein drinks, powders and bars easily fit into busy lifestyles, delivering the protein you may need with as little hassle as possible.

The Power of Protein

Protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, particularly for people with very active lifestyles. The body uses protein to repair muscles after a tough workout, gradually building them up so they become bigger, stronger, and more able to cope with the demands you put on your body. Muscle Milk provides an easy way to add more protein into your diet. Each scoop of Muscle Milk Protein Powder provides 16 grams of protein to support your post-workout recovery.

Nutritional Benefits of Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk Protein Powder contains a blend of 20 essential vitamins and minerals, in addition to protein and healthy fats. The unsaturated fats used in Muscle Milk include sunflower and canola oils, along with medium chain triglycerides. These fats perform vital functions in the body, including providing fuel to power your workout.

Muscle Milk Products

Muscle Milk is designed to fit easily into your lifestyle, delivering an extra protein boost without the hassle of cooking large quantities of protein-rich foods. Choose from Muscle Milk protein powders, ready-to-drink beverages, and bars, all of which are available in a range of tempting flavors. You can also choose Light Muscle Milk drinks and powders, which contain fewer calories than the regular products. Light Muscle Milk products can help support your efforts to lose weight when you include them as part of a calorie-controlled diet and exercise plan.

Muscle Milk Ingredients

While some Muscle Milk products are based on milk, others are completely dairy free. As a result, many drinks in the Muscle Milk range can be enjoyed by people who are lactose intolerant. Muscle Milk also offers gluten-free products. By choosing the Muscle Milk protein supplement that meets your dietary requirements, you can enjoy a simple way to get a protein boost that may help support your workout regimen. It's always best to talk to your doctor first about your nutritional needs before taking a protein supplement.

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