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Nail Growth Treatments

You use your hands to express yourself as much as you use them to complete daily tasks, making your fingers and nails a part of you that people notice. Having healthy, long nails can make a beautiful impression, but if you're like many people, you may find it difficult to achieve long, strong growth. At Walgreens, we can help you improve the strength and appearance of your nails with a selection of easy-to-use nail growth treatments from top brands.

Why Don't My Nails Grow?

Poor nail growth can have many causes. Nail growth rates naturally decline with age which is why many people find that their nails change over the years. You can also experience poor nail growth if your diet is lacking in certain nutrients, if you take some types of prescription medications or if you have a medical problem. Because poor nail growth can have a number of underlying causes, it is a good idea to talk about the problem with your doctor. He or she can determine if you have a nutritional or health problem that needs to be addressed and if nail growth treatments are the best solution for your concerns.

How Do Nail Growth Treatments Work?

Nail growth treatments are topical nail care products. Most formulas come in bottles identical to those used to package nail polish. These formulas are applied using a nail brush that it attached to the lid of the bottle. A small number of formulas are creams or serums that are rubbed onto the surface of the nails. Growth treatments work in different ways after they are applied. Some products form a protective, hard coating over the nails. This makes the fingernails more resistant to breakage, so that they can grow to longer lengths. Strengthening formulas are an ideal choice if you frequently notice your nails splitting or breaking.

Do Supplements for Nails Work?

Other nail treatments contain nutrients that are believed to play a role in nail growth. By applying these nutrients topically, it may help to stimulate the development of nail cells. You might choose to purchase this type of nail growth treatment if you don't believe that external factors like breakage are responsible for limiting your nail growth.

Additional Benefits

A select number of nail growth treatments can offer additional benefits for the nails beyond supporting growth. They may condition or soften the cuticles or improve the luster or shine of the nails. You can find out how a specific nail growth treatment works and learn about what other benefits it may provide by reading its product description.

How to Use Nail Growth Treatments

In order to get the best results from a nail growth treatment, it's important that you use the product as directed. The nail growth treatment will have instructions printed on its packaging or written on a leaflet that is included inside of the packaging. No nail growth treatment can produce results with just a single application, making it crucial that you use the treatment as often as the directions advise. Skipping treatments can reduce the effectiveness and interfere with results.