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Nail buffers

Nail buffers are a great way to make natural and fake nails sparkle with shine and strength. Whether you'd like a multi-sided nail buffer, a nail shaper or a manicure set, Walgreens.com has a wide selection for your needs. You'll find nail grooming products for the entire family, including favorite brands Revlon and Kiss.

Nail buffers for smooth, polished nails

Keep your nails smooth, shiny and strong with nail buffers in a variety of forms from buffing blocks to motorized manicure sets. Need to touch up your acrylic nails between salon visits? Some acrylic touch-up kits come with buffers to keep your nails looking great between salon visits by smoothing and filling in new growth. For convenience, try a combination nail shaper and buffer. There are power nail files that do the work for you, with attachments for buffing and polished results at home.

Home nail care made simple

Whether you prefer fake nails or natural nails, your options for nail care go beyond nail buffers at Walgreens.com. Explore our variety of nail care products to keep your nails strong and beautiful, from cuticle nippers and nail treatments to nail polish and French manicure kits. You'll even find professional-quality manicure and pedicure essentials such as buffers and pedicure files.