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Nail care

Nail care products come in many different shapes and sizes. Nail treatments involve ingredients applied directly to your nails that can help to strengthen the natural keratin proteins that provide thickness and strength. Nail tools such as clippers, trimmers and files help to keep your nails clean and perfectly edged. The right nail care regimen can keep your nails looking healthy throughout the year.

Choosing nail treatments and tools

Nail care treatments, tools and other products allow you to keep your nails shiny and strong, even after multiple applications of polish and removers. Experiment with these hygiene products to choose the treatment that best suits your needs. Try different treatments or basecoats whenever you change your nail polish colors or types until you find the best match. Look for nail trimmers and other tools that best fit your nails and allow for sharp cuts without leaving ragged edges.

Nail product variations

Nail treatments may rely on either synthetic chemicals to strengthen the natural bonds of the nail or use natural ingredients designed to have the least incidence of side effects. Most nail treatments are clear, but colored all-in-one options are also available. Nail clippers, trimmers and nail files may be manually operated or have a power source. Powered tools typically act much faster, but may be harder to operate and leave unwanted edges if not carefully used. Manual nail care tools are more precise, but you may sacrifice time for this precision.