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Nail colors

For centuries, people have decorated their fingernails and toenails with nail colors. For this reason, it's no wonder that nail polish remains popular to this day. Instead of fading into obscurity, nail polish manufacturers continue to work to improve and increase the selection of nail colors available in drug stores and on makeup counters around the world.

Choosing the best color for you

When you think of the most popular nail colors, bright reds might come to mind. Usually worn to make a bold fashion statement, nail polish comes in a rainbow of colors. In addition to bright colors, nail tint can come in sparkly varieties. Another popular nail look is French manicure. This style of nail design differs from other nail colors because it mimics the natural colors of human fingernails. A pale pink basecoat is applied, and the tip of each nail gets a strip of white.

Nail accessories

In addition to applying nail colors, you can use nail accessories to give your nails more personality. Nail stickers are easy to apply and they can quickly make your nails look like a work of art. If you prefer to do the artwork yourself, you can use polish pens and nail art stencil kits to make intricate designs on each one of your fingernails. The possibilities are endless, so if you have a creative side, you have tons of accessories available to help you create a masterpiece.