Nasal Saline Spray

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2/$1000 or 1/$579$5.79  $1.93 / oz.
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4.0 out of 5, total 23reviews(23 reviews)
$799  $1.33 / oz.
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Nasal saline spray

Used mostly to treat dry nasal passages, nasal saline spray can also clear congestion due to a cold or allergies. There are drug-free nasal sprays for adults and children that can be used with other cold and flu remedies if you have multiple symptoms. Nasal saline sprays can also help moisturize nasal passages during airline travel or in high heat. Saline spray from brands such as Ocean and Simply Saline are available here at

Easy to use

A spray saline with a controlled-dose pump helps ensure you've gotten the correct amount of medication. Preservative-free sprays and hypoallergenic formulas usually don't have side effects so you can use them as much as needed, depending on the directions.

Cold and flu remedies

If you've got more symptoms to treat, we carry many cold and flu remedies that can help you feel better. There are cold tablets, liquid gels, and caplets for multi-symptom treatment. Try a cough syrup, cough drops or sore throat lozenges to reduce or stop coughing and ease the pain of a sore throat.