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Natrol omega-3

Natrol omega-3 dietary supplements are used to improve overall health and boost the functioning of nerves, the brain, the heart, muscles, and the joints. These supplements come from a variety of sources, including fish oil and flaxseeds. Natrol is just one of the many vitamin and supplement brands available at Walgreens.com.

Omega-3 supplements

Natrol omega-3 supplements all contain omega-3 fatty acids. The specific type of omega-3 fat in a given product depends on the source of the fat. Natrol omega-3 flaxseed oil contains alpha linolenic acid, or ALA, a type of omega-3 fat that boosts cardiovascular health. Natrol omega-3 fish oil is intended to improve the health of your bones, ears and heart. Consuming fish oil or omega-3 supplements may also improve the appearance of your skin and hair. Natrol omega-3 krill oil is derived from krill. The company also makes a dietary supplement that is a combination of omega-3 fats, omega-6 fats, and omega-9 fats. You can also get a form of Natrol omega-3 in combination with glucosamine, a nutrient that improves joint functioning.

Advantages of Natrol omega-3

Natrol omega-3 supplements contain purified oils that are high in omega-3 fats. These dietary supplements come in softgel form, so they are easy to swallow and digest. Natrol DHA is a form of Natrol omega-3 and is often recommended to pregnant women because DHA supplements help brain connections form properly. These softcaps are typically taken once per day. Natrol omega-3 supplements tend to be free of major allergens, such as egg, gluten, milk, or eggs.