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Natural Baby Lotion

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Natural Baby Lotion

You want your little one to feel comfortable every day and that means taking good care of his or her skin to keep common problems like dryness and irritation at bay. There are many types of products available to help you nourish and soothe your baby's skin from head to toe. Natural body lotions are one option and provide a number of benefits that make them the favorites of many moms and dads. Walgreens has an assortment of natural baby lotion options from top brands like Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics that you can choose to add to your baby's bath time and skin care routines.

Understanding the Meaning of Natural

Just what does natural mean when it comes to baby lotions? There is no one set answer. Unlike the term "organic," which refers to products that have earned a special certification from a third-party agency or organization, natural has no one set definition. Generally, natural baby lotions are products that contain plant extracts. In many products, the plant extracts are moisturizing oils and butters. Some formulas may only contain a small number of natural ingredients and still get the majority of their content from synthetics. Others are made predominantly from natural ingredients, and a very small number are produced solely with ingredients sourced from nature. The only way to know for sure how much of a baby lotion formula consists of natural ingredients is to read the product descriptions and ingredient listings.

Keeping Baby's Skin Hydrated the Gentle Way

Baby lotion can play an essential role in your daily skin care routine for Baby. The moisturizers that lotions contain help to keep the tissue from becoming dehydrated, so that the tissue can remain soft and smooth. Many parents prefer to apply natural baby lotions to their children's skin because these products are often gentler than traditional baby lotions. Babies have delicate skin that can become irritated when exposed to chemicals that are otherwise safe for adults. Using natural baby lotion can help you to keep these synthetics away from your baby's skin while still giving the skin the nourishment and moisture that it needs to remain in the best of health, especially after diaper changes.

Conditioning Your Skin from Head to Toe

Natural baby lotions aren't just for babies. Older children may also benefit from the application of baby lotion after a bath or shower, and you may even wish to add a natural baby lotion to your own skin care routine. Adults with sensitive skin can enjoy the conditioning and softening actions of natural baby lotion while avoiding synthetic ingredients like preservatives and perfumes to which they may be allergic. Individuals who are trying to use more natural ingredients in their skin care routines due to environmental concerns may also prefer natural baby lotion.

Opting for the Perfect Lotion

You'll find a wide assortment of natural baby lotion formulas here at Walgreens. Products vary in the type and number of natural ingredients that they contain as well as in their scents. As you compare products, you'll also want to consider their packaging. Baby lotions come in tubes for use on the go and convenient storage and in pump bottles for quick dispensing.

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