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Natural Body Wash

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Natural body wash

Natural body wash is the perfect addition to your relaxing bath or shower. Available in many scents and formulations, natural body wash helps you stay clean and feel good about the environment and your body. Body washes from well-known brands like Aveeno and Suave are available from

Natural liquid body soap

Natural liquid body soaps are any body soaps that contain natural ingredients, whether the formulas are entirely natural, or merely contain some natural components. Often natural body wash is scented with floral, herbal, or fruit extracts. Some of these extracts are in the form of oils, and are made by soaking the plant in oil so that the oil smells like the plant. This oil is then added to the body wash. Flower-scented body wash is particularly popular, and may include scents such as rose, jasmine, lavender, oleander, or gardenia. Sometimes these scents are combined with other natural smells, like ginger or pine. You should consider whether you want a nature-scented body wash that is made from all natural ingredients, or if you prefer a synthesized version of the smell.

Therapeutic bath wash

Natural body wash can be helpful for a variety of skin conditions, and can even be a potent stress reliever. Body wash that contains oatmeal can be soothing to skin that is chronically dry. Oatmeal body wash moisturizes and gently exfoliates the skin, and can be used on a sponge or applied to bath water. If you feel stressed, look for relaxing body washes that contain scents such as lavender, to ease your mind and body.

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