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Natural hand soap

Natural hand soap is perfect if you have sensitive skin or simply wish to use natural products. Choose from our great variety of scented, unscented, liquid and solid soaps.

Liquid soaps

Most completely natural hand soaps are in liquid form. This is because it usually takes unnatural ingredients to keep bar soap bound together. There are a variety of liquid soaps for you to choose from. Our scented and unscented versions can be used on the face and body. Other ingredients you will find in these types of products include aloe vera, Echinacea and chamomile. These natural hand soap ingredients work to soothe and soften your skin while cleansing your hands.

Bar soaps

If you prefer bar soaps, most of the natural products you will find for cleansing will generally include shea or cocoa butter as one of the ingredients. To add extra moisture to your skin, look for a natural hand soap that contains both of these ingredients. Some of the scented varieties you will find include vanilla and musk. The unscented varieties have the natural nutty scent that comes from the shea and cocoa butters.