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Neck pillows

Supporting your neck with a comfortable neck pillow can help ease discomfort and aches. There are support neck pillows that you can use to make sleeping, travelling, or just relaxing more comfortable and restorative. We carry neck pillows from brands Slumber Care, Homedics, IMAK and more in a variety of materials, sizes and colors.

Finding the pillow for your needs

Whether you want a neck pillow that can help relieve pain or one that can help you sleep more comfortably, you have a range of options. Neck pillows for side sleepers can be made of supportive memory foam that gently conforms to the shape of your body. U-shaped pillows can help support your head to reduce strain on your neck while traveling or sitting upright. There are even heated neck supports that you can heat or chill for pain relief.

Other braces and supports

We also carry a variety of aids to daily living that includes cervical collars and other neck supports, as well as knee braces, ankle braces and other wrist braces. You'll find options for assistance with sleep disorders, including sleep aids such as natural sleep aid tablets.