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Neoprene Braces

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Neoprene braces

Support sprains, strains and injuries with neoprene braces. There are ankle and wrist and hand braces, elbow straps, knee stabilizers and thigh supports made of neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that can insulate the body, keeping the area it covers warm to promote circulation and healing. Find Curad neoprene braces for adults and kids here at

Multiple benefits

A benefit that neoprene braces can offer is four-way compression, which can help reduce swelling. These braces can also support your joint and prevent it from further strain and injury. Because many neoprene braces are adjustable, you can change the fit as swelling goes down.

Injury-specific braces

Find the neoprene brace that best addresses your need. If you need extra stability for a mildly injured ankle, try a neoprene ankle brace. Neoprene knee stabilizers can help support your knee for comfort and protection. The flexible strength of neoprene thigh supports can help you keep up with your normal activities comfortably.

Keep your upper body mobile with neoprene supports

Neoprene elbow straps form a snug ring around your upper forearm to relieve pain from various conditions. There are neoprene elbow supports that extend to the upper arm, as well. The flexible compression of neoprene wrist braces can help reduce swelling and relieve discomfort from arthritis, strains and other injuries.

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