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Neoprene Thigh Supports

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Neoprene thigh supports

The flexible yet supportive strength of neoprene thigh supports can help you keep up with your normal activities comfortably. Neoprene, a synthetic rubber, can compress and support your muscles to help reduce discomfort. These thigh braces can even help prevent further injury or strain. Neoprene thigh supports from brand Champion are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes to help you stay pain-free and active.

Comfort and support

Aside from supporting your muscles and keeping them warm to promote healing, neoprene thigh supports can also have inner liners to help keep your skin dry during activity. Find the right size after you've measured your thigh circumference and compared it to the product size chart.

Protecting your joints and muscles

You'll find a large selection of supports including athletic knee braces, tapes and wraps here to help you mend or stay active. There are back & abdominal, elbow & shoulder and leg supports and braces to help you heal or protect you from further strain. To help with foot and ankle pain there are orthotics and canvas ankle braces as well as post-op shoes & walker boots. Take care of your hands & wrists with wrist & hand supports and wrist splints. Visit the health and well-being, personal care and home medical areas of for products that can help you stay healthy.

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