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Nestle Coffee Mate

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Nestle Coffee-Mate

When you want to add more flavor to a cup of ordinary coffee, Nestle Coffee Mate can act as a flavorful addition. The product comes in both a liquid variety and a powdered version.

Coffee creamer flavors

Coffee creamer comes in a several different flavors, including original, French vanilla and hazelnut. The liquid creamer has a pour spot that makes it easy to portion out the right amount of coffee, so you can use the pour spout when adding cream to a cup of coffee or a thermos. The Nestle Coffee Mate French vanilla flavor gives your coffee the taste of cappuccino while the hazelnut flavor adds the rich taste of roasted hazelnuts to your favorite coffee, and you can also use the original version, which mimics the taste and flavor of ordinary cream even when you do not have milk or cream on hand.

Powdered coffee creamers

Some people prefer the taste and flavor of a powdered coffee creamer over a liquid. The powder creamer lasts for years when properly stored, and you can portion the powder into smaller containers if you want to keep cream on hand for coffee at home or work. The powdered version comes in a hazelnut flavor and original flavor. All you need to add the taste of cream to a cup of coffee is a spoon to dip into the creamer. Nestle Coffee Mate gives you the rich flavor that you want in your coffee.

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