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Nicotine Gum

One of the most important things you can do when trying to quit smoking is to find a remedy like nicotine gum to help you overcome the cravings. You dont need anyone to remind you of the health risks of smoking or how important it is for you to quit smoking; however, after a few hours without that hit of nicotine, you really feel the pinch. Those are the times when the mint flavored nicotine gum can provide the soothing hit of nicotine that helps take the edge off until the next craving comes along. However, if soothing mint isnt your first choice for flavor, you might prefer cinnamon nicotine gum instead. Either flavor is proven effective in curbing your cravings.

Alternatives to gum

Gum isnt the first choice for everyone who is trying to quit smoking. If youre not a big fan of gum, you do not have to give up your smoking cessation efforts. Other products exist, including nicotine patches and nicotine lozenges from brands like Habitrol and NicoDerm CQ. These products are designed to help you power through the most powerful of nicotine cravings as you take your first steps toward a smoke-free life.