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Night Light Bulbs

Lighting up interiors and exteriors of your home is simple thanks to night light bulbs, which are available in a number of styles at Walgreens. Keeping paths well lit inside and out can ensure your safety after the sun sets, whether you want to light up your front walk or your upstairs hallway every night. Before purchasing night light bulbs at Walgreens, evaluate your unique lighting needs.

Outdoor Night Lights

No style of night light bulb is alike. Deciding which style is best for your home depends on your unique needs. Lighting up outdoor pathways or landscaping areas is possible with path markers that glow in the dark. These lights look like rocks, but they are accentuated by glowing markers, which can line your sidewalk or illuminate your flower beds.

Indoor Options

Indoor night light bulbs come in several styles as well. When mothers wake with baby for a middle-of-the-night feeding, they need some soft lighting to keep baby calm. A clip-on light can attach to clothing, offering a soft glow for mom as she feeds her baby. Night lights can also be conveniently plugged into the wall, offering soft light for dark rooms. Theater style bulbs are an attractive solution that can be plugged into the wall for simple illumination. LED panel light bulbs can switch from blue to green, offering a soft but guiding light in any room.

Additional Night Light Bulb Features

Night light bulb features vary, depending on the style of bulb you choose. Some are powered by a convenient on/off switch, allowing you to control when the night light bulb comes on. Others are triggered by motion, turning on when someone walks by. You can choose night light bulbs that are LED, which conserves energy and remain cool to the touch.

You can also find replacement night light bulbs in a number of strengths. Soft bulbs in as little as 0.5 watts are available, as are 4-watt and 7-watt styles.