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Nighttime Flu Relief

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Nighttime flu relief

Getting enough rest is crucial to getting over the flu. Nighttime flu relief can alleviate symptoms such as cough, sore throat and runny nose to help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Many of these cold and flu medicines also help to alleviate headaches and can reduce fever. Choose from nighttime flu relief caplets and liquids from Vicks and TheraFlu here at

Your options for relief

If you prefer to take a nighttime flu relief liquid, you can choose from different flavors to find one that will be easy for you to take. There are different package sizes, as well as combo packs that include both nighttime flu relief and daytime flu relief to help with symptoms around the clock. Most nighttime relief medicines can also be used to combat cold symptoms.

For cold and flu season

In addition to nighttime flu relief, you can find many types of cold and flu medicines among our selection. While some cold medicines target one symptom such as nasal congestion, others can help alleviate many of your symptoms. Find the lowest strength and dosage of a cold medicine that can help you feel better. For the rest of the family, there are children's flu medicines that are made with natural ingredients.

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