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No rinse hair shampoo

Shampoo your hair without water with a no rinse hair shampoo. Convenient and easy to use, these dry shampoos are a great option for caregivers, campers or those looking to protect their hair or hair color. No rinse hair shampoo sprays let you direct this hair cleanser where you want it to go, while liquid no rinse shampoos can provide quick coverage. Select a dry shampoo from brands Tresemme, No Rinse and Pssssst! here at Walgreens.com.

Save water with no rinse shampoo

If you use no rinse hair shampoo as part of your daily beauty routine, spray shampoos can help you get clean, fresh hair and keep your hairstyle in place. Using no rinse shampoos as a caregiver for your patient? Select the form that is easiest to use between liquids or sprays, or try a no rinse shampoo cap that may be the least messy option to rid hair of odor or oily residue.

Cleansing and care options

Other convenient personal cleansing options to help maintain good hygiene include disposable washcloths as well as no rinse hair conditioners. You'll also find flushable wipes and no rinse bathing wipes. For more patient care and home health care solutions, including barrier creams, lotions & balms and disinfectants & cleaners, visit our home medical department.