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No Rinse Shampoo

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No rinse shampoo

Want clean hair without having to wash it? Try a no rinse shampoo. These convenient shampoos can give you clean, fresh hair without water. Choose from a no rinse shampoo liquid, spray or no rinse shampoo cap to easily cleanse your hair. Brands No Rinse and Tresemme offer dry shampoos for many hair types and colors.

Easy application

Evaluate your needs or preferences to find the form of no rinse shampoo that will work best for you. Spray foam shampoos can be easily directed to specific areas of your hair. A liquid no rinse shampoo allows you to get full coverage quickly. A no rinse shampoo cap is disposable and may be the most convenient to apply and control if you are using on a patient.

Personal care and hygiene

Whether you choose a no rinse shampoo because you're a caregiver and it makes patient care easier or because of personal preference, there are other options to complement your hygiene routine. There are no rinse hair conditioners as well as disposable washcloths for personal cleansing. You'll also find no rinse bathing wipes and flushable wipes. For more patient care solutions, including disinfectants & cleaners and barrier creams visit the home medical department.

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