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No Rinse Washcloths

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No rinse washcloth

Bathing without water can be effective with no rinse washcloths. Most of these disposable washcloths contain aloe or vitamin E to nourish your skin as they clean. No rinse bathing cloths are convenient and offer an alternative when you don't have access to water or have physical limitations that prevent bathing in a shower or tub. Find no rinse washcloths from Compose and Tena here at

More no rinse cleansing

In addition to no rinse body wipes, there are no rinse soaps and sprays to help you feel clean and fresh. Whether you have a mobility issue or are managing incontinence, there are body cleanser formulas to help eliminate odors and perineal sprays for your personal hygiene.

Confident and comfortable

No rinse washcloths can be helpful if you are caring for someone who is bedridden or unable to wash in the shower or bath. There are also convenient sprays such as antimicrobial sprays that you can use to target specific areas and flushable wipes for a sanitary solution. We also carry no rinse shampoos and conditioners. Find more patient care solutions in our home medical department, including wound care and safety equipment.

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