Non Latex Condoms

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Non Latex Condoms

Practicing safe sex every time that you're intimate with your partner is important for protecting both your health and the health of your partner, so it's important that you find a method of protection that suits your needs and fits into your lifestyle. Non latex condoms are a popular choice of protection for individuals with allergies to latex. If you're looking to stock up on non-latex condoms or try them for the first time, Walgreens has an assortment of options to meet your needs including LifeStyles Skyn and other premium varieties. Your purchase will be shipped discreetly to you, ensuring your complete privacy.

Male Condom Basics

Condoms are a type of barrier birth control, meaning that they work by preventing sperm from reaching an egg during intercourse. A male condom is a long sheath that is unrolled onto the penis and that fits tightly around the shaft. When ejaculation occurs, the semen becomes trapped in the tip of the condom rather than being released. This not only greatly reduces the risk of pregnancy, but it can also help prevent the exchange of body fluids that can lead to the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

What Are Non Latex Condoms Made Of?

Most often, male condoms are made from a rubbery substance called latex. Non latex condoms were developed as an alternative to traditional condoms. One of the most popular types of non-latex condoms is the polyisoprene condom. This substance is thinner than latex and has a natural feel that is very similar to human skin. You can also find non latex condoms made out of polyurethane. Polyurethane condoms have been available on the market longer than polyisoprene, but they do not have the same skin-like feel.

Why Use Non Latex Condoms?

Although latex condoms may provide the best protection against many sexually transmitted diseases when used correctly and consistently, there are a variety of reasons why couples opt for non-latex condoms. Some people are allergic to latex and must use non latex products in order to avoid serious reactions. Some couples simply prefer the skin-like feel of polyisoprene, believing that it enhances sexual intercourse by allowing for more natural sensations for both partners. Polyurethane condoms are sometimes preferred over latex because they are usually thicker than standard condoms and are better conductors of heat, which can add to a man's pleasure during sex.

Selecting the Right Non Latex Condom

Like traditional condoms, non-latex products come in different varieties; however, there are generally fewer options available among non-latex products. One way that non latex condoms differ from one another is in their coating. Most non latex condoms are lubricated. This can help to make penetration easier and more comfortable. You can also find products with extra lubrication. While these condoms may be messier, they can be beneficial for women who suffer from vaginal dryness or for couples who wish to engage in anal intercourse. Non latex condoms come in different sizes. It is important that you choose the right size for your needs in order to ensure your safety. Wearing a condom that is too large could result in leakage and slippage, while a condom that is too tight is more likely to rip or break.