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Nursery Furniture

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Nursery furniture

Complete your nursery before your new bundle of joy arrives with nursery furniture. Fill your nursey with a changing table, cabinets and shelves so you can truly be prepared for your new child. Choose from multiple colors and wood types to fit the room of your new child.

Nursery furnishings

With the wide assortment of nursery furniture available, you are sure to find everything you need. Add a functional and stylish piece of nursery furniture to your baby's room with a hardwood changing table. These changing tables can be purchased in colors like black, white, cognac, cherry, oak, and a natural finish, so you can find just the right color to match the other furniture in your nursery. The changing tables have shelves and drawers for storage, so you can keep everything you need within reach. For additional storage, purchase a three or five drawer chest. You can also purchase a combo tower chest. The door on the tower hides a storage shelf, and the top of the chest is the ideal size for a changing pad. With the wide selection of colors and sizes available, you are sure to find just the right nursery furniture to suit your individual style.

Other nursery furniture

Decorate your nursery with pieces of furniture that your child can enjoy over time. Wooden rocking horses are classic pieces that have been used for many years to decorate nurseries and provide entertainment for toddlers. These wood horses can be purchased with a white, oak, or natural finish to blend in with the existing decor in your nursery. As your child becomes older, purchase a children's table and chair set to give your child a place to have a snack, put together puzzles, color, or make crafts.

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