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Nursing Stools

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Nursing stools

Nursing stools are pieces of furniture used by nursing parents to elevate their feet and legs. Your feet are set at an angle to reduce strain on your lower back, hips, and legs and to also place your baby at an ideal height for breast-feeding or bottle feeding.

Benefits of a nursing footstool

Almost all nursing stools share the same basic design of a raised, slanted surface several inches off the ground. Some nursing footstools allow you to alter the steepness of the slanted surface, so you can customize your nursing footrest for maximum support and comfort. By correctly positioning nursing stools, you can alleviate stress on your lower back and legs in addition to your hips. Using a nursing stool can also reduce pain and soreness on your nipples during breast-feeding, so you and your baby can have a pain-free feeding experience.

How to use nursing stools

Before you start using a nursing stool, set it a comfortable distance away from the chair you normally use for nursing, so your legs form a right angle when you are seated. If your stool is too far away or too close, then you should adjust it prior to feeding. Nursing stools should cause your knees to form a flat surface once you are seated. As you sit down, make sure that you aren't slouching and that you are seated all the way back. Put a breastfeeding pillow beneath your child for added support. With the aid of nursing stools, your baby is at an ideal height to easily latch on for feeding.

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