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Obsession Cologne

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Obsession cologne

To give a gift that your loved one will enjoy receiving and using, choose Obsession cologne from Calvin Klein. You can find variations of Obsession fragrance that are ideal for using during the day or for going out in the evening. Browse our assortment of sizes and types of Obsession cologne to give as a gift or to keep just for yourself.

Selecting your scent

Like most Calvin Klein fragrances, Obsession comes in varieties for both men and women. With top notes of vanilla and mandarin, Calvin Klein Obsession for women offers a sweet fragrance you can notice right away. Calvin Klein Obsession for men features masculine mid notes of sage and spices. Choose between eau de parfum, which contains a higher concentration of fragrance, and lighter eau de toilette sprays.

More options and gifts

For other gifts or for yourself, browse our selection of other Calvin Klein fragrances. Here at, we carry fragrances such as Escape, Eternity and Euphoria in various forms and bottle sizes for women and men. In addition to single bottles, fragrance gift sets make a great holiday present.

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