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Off Insect Repellent

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Off! Insect Repellent

Spending time outdoors can be a lot of fun, but insect bites can ruin the experience. Avoid the pain and itchiness of insect bites by using Off! insect repellant, which repels the irritating critters that want to feast on your blood. Apply Off! insect repellant as either a spray or a towelette to protect yourself while you enjoy hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity.

How Does Off! Insect Repellant Work?

Many varieties of Off! insect repellant contain DEET, an insect-repelling ingredient originally developed for the U.S. Army. Experts think that DEET works by interfering with the receptors that allow biting insects to detect scents. In other words, DEET works by stopping the insects from smelling out their food - which is you! DEET insect repellants can be used on both adults and children. Off! Also offers natural solutions that don't contain DEET.

Choosing the Right Off! Insect Repellant

The amount of DEET that you need in your insect repellant depends on how long you will spend outside. Lower percentages are fine for short periods outdoors, whereas you might want to apply a higher percentage if you are going to spend a long time in a mosquito-infested area. The strongest Off! insect repellant, Deep Woods, provides protection for up to 10 hours against gnats, biting flies, ticks, chiggers and fleas, as well as the hated mosquito. Off! also offers a range of Family Care Clean Feel insect repellants, which do not contain DEET. These are safe to use on synthetic fabrics, some of which can react badly to DEET, and they offer a non-greasy formulation.

How to Use Off! Insect Repellant

Most Off! insect repellants come in the form of a spray. To gain maximum benefit from this protective product, spray onto the skin of exposed parts of the body, such as hands, arms or lower legs. Avoid spraying insect repellant directly on your face as you could get it in your eyes or mouth; instead, spray the repellant into your hand and rub it onto your face. You can also spray your clothing to keep biting insects away, as the spray is safe to use on cotton, wool and nylon. If you prefer not to use a spray, you could also use Off! Deep Woods insect repellant towelettes, which are individually wrapped so you can easily carry them everywhere you need to go.

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