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Oily hair shampoos

Rinse away excess buildup and oil with an oily hair shampoo. These hair cleansers clean deeply to remove impurities from hair that can weigh it down. Find the clarifying shampoo that refreshes while leaving your hair with enough moisture to maintain a healthy, shiny look. With an oily hair shampoo from brands American Crew, Dove and others here at Walgreens.com, manageably soft and fresh hair can be as simple as lather, rinse, repeat.

Hair care right for you

To maximize your hair's potential, choose shampoos & conditioners and hair styling products that work with your particular type. After starting with an oily hair shampoo, follow up with a conditioner for oily hair and a styling product such as hair spray or mousse that can give you lightweight hold without buildup. You'll also find a selection of no-rinse shampoos that can give you a clean feeling between showers or at anytime.